Family of Cultural Icon Winston Esau Donates Instrument and Costumes to the Museum

Many of us wish it was parang weekend in Carriacou joining with BBH Serenaders singing one of their famous lines, “Camm Flaa wounded but he ain’t dead.” However, it is the day we say our final goodbye to a family man, a leader, a cultural icon and businessman, Mr. Winston Esau, “Camm Flaa,” “Fingers David.”

Many will remember him for his remarkable contribution to both Carriacou and Huddersfield (UK) for he has left an indelible mark in the culture both at home and abroad.

He was a lead musician in the band JabJab, which was based in Huddersfield in the ’70s and toured Europe, playing several genres of music.

He was an excellent baker and upon returning home, owned one of the first bakeries in Carriacou which was established in the year 1985.

He was also a great tailor and wire bender. He made several costumes for Carriacou’s carnival pageant and carnival queen contestants which won several titles. The most recent was for reigning Carnival queen, Ms Naomi Fraser.

He must be remembered for his contribution to the Parang Festival as he was the Founder of BBH Serenaders band which started in 1995 and won that same year with the famous hit “Mele People.”

Other choruses of that famous group over the years were, “Clasp you hands and close you eyes, the parang does come, the parang does go. They want parang finish.” I am sure you can hear his sweet melodious voice in many of these choruses. When he forgot some of his lines he would laugh, causing the audience to go into an uproar, then he would start over. BBH Serenaders is rightfully the reigning parang champ after winning in the final competition which was held in 2017.

He was awarded by the Independence Committee for his contribution to culture in 2020 and is included in the Queen’s Honours List for 2021 to receive the British Empire Medal for his contribution to culture.

He will be remembered as someone who was always willing to give. He was firm, friendly, humorous and calm.

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