CHS & M Project to Present Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

L-R; Shervon Cudjoe, President Stephen Alexander and Kervin Stiell present Acts I through III of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

For many years Kayaks have embraced the works of William Shakespeare and adapted the themes of power, ambition, and jealousy in segmented presentations of his play, Julius Caesar at Shakespeare Mas’. In an effort to teach the play, CHS & M launched an enactment of Acts I through III of Julius Caesar at Belair Park on April 26th with student player, Shervon Cudjoe, President Stephen Alexander, and Kervin Stiell (as Brutus and Mark Anthony). Harrison Fleary was the narrator. In collaboration with the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Carriacou and Petite Martinique Festivals Board, CHS & M has partnered with Harvey Vale, L’Esterre RC, Mt. Pleasant, Hillsborough, Dover, and Petite Martinique RC schools to increase the awareness and readings of the Shakespeare prose and teach the play in its entirety. Books of the play and background information have been distributed to the students and their teachers. Each school has been assigned a different act to learn so that together all schools will be able to enact the play during the autumn. By rotating the acts sequentially, students from all the schools will have the opportunity to come together to perform the play in its entirety at the end of each teaching/learning cycle.

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