09.03.12: Eastern Region Meeting

Held in the Mount Pleasant Community Centre and well attended by the surrounding community, this outreach meeting was a great success. Cosnel MacIntosh gave opening remarks, Clemencia Alexander gave a presentation on the recent archeological finds. The local history quiz was lively and interesting with much debate about dates of certain ruins but it was the Junior Shakespeare Mas group who stole the show with their recitals of Julius Caesar in mas costume. It was fantastic to watch and congratulations to Teacher Mary for keeping the traditions alive for generations to come.

The quiz …
Our junior members enjoying the quiz

The artefacts ….
Clemencia discussing the artefacts









Junior Shakespeare Mas …
Junior Shakespeare Mas with Cosnel looking on

Stephen and Wallace enjoy the iambic pentameters of Julius Caesar





The Junior Shakespeare Mas group

Thank you to Teacher Mary and Kerwin Noel (our quiz master) ….
Thank you to Teacher Mary and Kerwin Noel, the quiz master

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